Emergency Veterinary Service

Emergency Vet

We offer access to 24 hour emergency cover for all of our registered patients. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, or if you are concerned about your pet, please ring our routine number on 01920 468874. Over the weekend (after 1pm Saturday), on Bank Holidays, and between 6pm and 8.30am during the working week, the Queen Mother Hospital at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in Brookmans Park, near Hatfield, provides our clients with a dedicated out-of-hours clinic. If you ring our routine number out of working hours, you will hear details of how to access their emergency line, and the RVC will be equally willing to advise or to see you in an emergency. Their current fee (initial consultation only) is £148.00.*

Weekends (after 1 p.m. Sat), Bank Holidays and outside of working hours (6pm-8.30am Monday - Friday):

Queen Mother Hospital
Hawkshead Lane
Brookmans Park
Hatfield AL9 7TA

 *as of 01/01/2021, and excluding investigations and treatment.